Jamila Hassanali 

Jamila joined the growing Tutortoo team in November 2020 as she was drawn to their dedication to ‘help every child excel’. This ethos underpins her beliefs towards children’s education and has allowed her to launch and run Tutortoo Uxbridge in a way that ensures her tutors focus on the upliftment of their students both academically and pastorally. 
Prior to establishing Tutortoo Uxbridge, Jamila had spent 4 years as a Governor on a school board. It was during this experience that she gained first-hand knowledge of how much hard work contributes to the operation of a typical school day, and just how stretched schools really are! 
Unfortunately, with a classroom full of 30+ children with varying abilities and a multitude of learning styles, it is impossible for even the very best teacher to connect with each child in a way that will maximise their academic performance. 
With a one-to-one tutor focusing on bridging the gaps of specific subject knowledge, the chances of them reaching their potential are significantly increased. 
Above all else, Jamila is a Mum - having 3 children herself, she knows that every child learns in their own way. From one child to the next, there are different learning styles and understanding techniques, and it is essential that our tutors take the time to understand the specific requirements of the child they are working with and connect with them on an individual level. 
For this reason, for the first 6 weeks of a child’s tuition plan, we will carefully assess each session’s progress report to ensure that the expected level of understanding and progression is taking place. Not only does this ensure that our clients receive value for money, but also that our pupils are on track to achieve their full potential. 
The right mindset, a focused individual plan and hard work are all that are required to turn a dream into reality… 
The right tutor and support helps you to get to your destination faster. 
Tutortoo Uxbridge – providing tuition for all ages, all subjects and all abilities! 
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